Tiger Panthera tigris


This painting for sale is only available as a print. The size is 11 x 17 and I have only 1 left. Other sizes are not available at this time.

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Tiger Panthera tigris

The original painting was created on watercolors on paper.

I have been intimidated by watercolors. Not many artists can admit to that. Like many artists we try to dip into other mediums over the years growing up as an artist we do it all. Remember pre-school through High School? Even in our college years. Arts have evolved to using old methods with new exciting mediums. For me, watercolors were my kryptonite. This tiger is my very first attempt as an adult to create a watercolor painting. And since I had felt intimidated from this medium I played it safe. HaHa, there is a lesson here about playing it safe (another story another time) I decided to get a refresher on technique and colors working with this medium. I booked a lesson with a local artist that I consider one of the best in her field. Jacquie  Vaux who I greatly appreciate for her amazing technique capturing such beautiful creatures. 

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Dimensions 11 × 17 in


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