The Story About The Art

I am thrilled that we here at Minnie's Art Studio can proudly say that everyone who purchases artwork by Minnie Lippiatt is purchasing an authentic piece of art worthy of displaying in your home. Rest assured, Minnie Lippiatt art pieces are made with only the finest quality materials that will last a lifetime.

Minnie Lippiatt

How did it happen? One day a friend showed my partner and me a wood canvas and immediately we both shouted “it’s a bear”. I was hooked. What I started to create is an acrylic painting on wood canvas using wood grains. It is like pareidolia where you find images in the clouds. I find them in wood. I use discarded pallets and dead tree remnants and acrylic paint to express what I like to believe the wood wants me to share. The images tend to range from landscapes or animals to people. I love using bright, vibrant colors. I then add a translucent medium to show the grain underneath my paint stroke as I build the image layer by layer. 


While wood canvases have become my favorite canvas, I have also worked with both cloth canvases and paper. Art has always been my passion, followed by working with children with disabilities which I have done for over 30 years. But art was my passion since I could pick up a crayon. While education has been the safer route, I never quit creating. It was with support from my partner, who encouraged me to share the work, that has led me to create Minnie’s Art Studio.


I believe art belongs everywhere and for everyone. I was reluctant to sell my originals because the price of Art was non-inclusive to those with limited funds. The solution was to sell affordable prints! With prints, I can offer different size options, making my art more available to a larger audience. I also make Mini-Art for those who have a need for art in small places.


The art I share is personal to me. I feel I have come full circle. That is why the story for this release begins with the Stinky Tree. The Stinky Tree of my childhood and the wood canvases that eventually reveal its image through its beautiful woodgrains and notches. Please read my “More About Me” for the rest of the story of the Stinky Tree.

What do you see?

What do you see?

It's like looking for images in the clouds.

Did you guess what I guessed?

Discover with me an imaginary world becoming my reality.