Why I do what I do.

It all started with .... a tree.

    This story is about a little girl who spent many years looking at her tree. The tree was a stinky tree that sprouted smelly pods. She’d use them to pretend they were grenades as she threw them into the sky and jumped out of the way. She drew and drew for many years. The little girl drew her tree as well as other things. She was so sad inside and used art to adapt to her trauma.  That is another journey she hopes to someday make sense of. 

For today, the journey continues.  As an adult, my art has come full circle to one of the very same influences that affected my childhood, a tree. In short, I use discarded pallets and dead tree remnants to express what the wood grains want me to share.  

In a mad world, I am but a blink of a moment.  An artist that wants to share my art and influence others to explore their creative side. My hope is that my art will inspire both children and adults to have a positive outlook, regardless of their circumstances. I wish them to seek the beauty in life and find their own happiness within it.

Feel free to explore what I have created. I'm happy the share my journey in healing..