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Wild Horses



  • Original painting
  • Wood canvas
  • 4 . 9 ‘  x   10″
  • 7.14 oz.
  • Authentication Certificate
  • Signed by artist


Wild Horses

The first part to inspire me was seeing a single horse in the wood grain then two appeared close up. This happens very rarely but I don’t really decide what the woodgrains tell me. Then chaos happened in my personal life. We were given notice through no fault of our own we became homeless and had to pack up 15 yrs of accumulation. It breaks my heart to think others in our community were also given a 30-day notice! Our family was homeless for a couple of weeks waiting for our new apartment to be ready. Long story short, we moved to Fort Collins. Horsetooth scene was our new view and that is why I decided to add mountains in the background. Although it is a piece of some sad memories, I try to focus on the positive and count my blessings for so many things including our new view. I hope this piece brings you some happiness.

Additional information

Dimensions 58.8 × 10 × 2 in


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