Lost Prairie- bison roamed the Great Plains


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Looking out over the “open spaces” surrounded by popup neighborhoods and strip malls, I squint my eyes and envision the land as it once was. Back in the days when the mighty bison grazed on spring-fed grass and drank their fill. I can almost smell the water and grass in the air………the open air.  This is my most favorite image of Colorado, yet it is one more lost than not. Working with wood canvases means that the canvas dictates the image so imagine my happiness when within one of my canvases I found my favorite image! This piece is titled “The Lost Prairie” honoring the disappearing springs, wild grass, and the beautiful free-roaming bison. Recently I have heard of them returning with help from caring people.


“Hearing their hooves on the prairie again, it is the welcoming back of a nation,” said Ty Smith, director of the Native American Cultural Center at CSU.


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