Minnie’s Art Gallery

My Process On Video

I use discarded pallets and dead trees to express what the wood grains want me to share.  This video shows my process. Like when we were children we saw images in clouds. I found that this term is called/named Pareidolia. Like seeing images in clouds I see images in wood grains. I cannot recall how long I have practiced using my imagination but as an artist, I could no longer ignore it. As I developed my style, and all the mediums I practiced in, I became most passionate about this process that comes so naturally to me.

Red Moon Rising

This wood plate was purchased at a recycled store for artists. I purchased it not thinking about what I can create with it. It began with a simple design and was inspired by a little girl who loves to howl at the moon. I do love that I made this piece because it now reminds me of our Colorado community in support of our essential workers. Howling begins at 8:00 PM. This piece became a commission when he saw my progress on social media. I invite you to my latest project. More details on Instagram.

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